Raving Review

by Lori Yancey

Hey everyone! I'm working with Craig Postol on designing my second treat box for my "side hustle" business and he's so fabulous, I needed to share. What I love about working with Craig Postol is how he drives the process without being pushy. He'll either design the box for you, or in my it 'cause I'm a procrastinator and then put up with all my suggestions and edits (even when I say hmmm...let's change it back). The boxes print super fast, too. I'm making boxes for my Scout and Cellar Clean Crafted wine biz and filling with chocolates and other yummies that go with wine. PERFECT attendance gifts for tasting parties!!! Craig Postol I give you 5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Easy Process

by Deanna Ley with
IKAGG Connect

We were thrilled with how our treat boxes turned out! Craig made it such an easy process, too!


by Wendy Melrose with
The Insurance Solutions Experts

As a new business owner, I needed a way to get my name out there quick and when I met with Craig to talk about the possibilities, it was a no brainer! He made the process so easy and I really look forward to getting out there and helping my business be seen!

Simple to Use

by Ian Mulligan with FM Exteriors

I am a salesman for a roofing company. I have purchased over 150 treat boxes from Craig and I currently put cat and dog treats in them to form an immediate connection with homeowners who have pets. I currently have close to a 100% close rate with customers who have received a treat box. I also use them while canvassing, watching for homes with pets and leaving a box of treats tied to their doorknob. People appreciate the act of gift-giving as a sign of goodwill and call me back at much higher rates than homeowners who do not receive a treat box. If you know your target audience you can easily think “outside the box” and find an excellent use for these amazing tools.

Fast turn-around

by Heather Duncan Creech with


I AM THRILLED with my treat box, Craig created for my business! They are sleek, clean and professional. Craig made some creative adjustments so that it was not too busy!! He was able to help me hit a fast-approaching deadline and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy!

Creative ideas

by Travis Johnson with

Thomas Insurance Advisors

Craig the treat box guy did an amazing job designing treat boxes to promote my business. He also helped me come up with some ideas for what to put in the boxes. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to stand out from the competition.

Perfect for B2B Marketing

by Jeremy Koerber with D1

Genius concept! Treat Boxes are the perfect way to market B2B!