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What do I use Treat Boxes for?

  1. To build relationships.  It’s all about relationships and these little gems help you build them quicker and stronger than anything else.  A conversation starter. Give one. You will see what I mean. You’re potential or current customer will be blown away that you are actually giving them something instead of always asking, asking and asking!! How nice is that!!!

  2. Event Marketing - Have a great event coming up? We can help you! Use the custom box to target the specific market, honor sponsors of your event, celebrate a person/ event.

    • Trade Shows

    • Corporate Parties

    • Weddings

    • Birthdays

    • Golf Tournaments

Can I get different designs?

Yes.  We will work together to put together a plan that suits your needs and part of that is coming up with a design that works best for you at that particular time.  So if you need to change up for a sales event, holiday, time of year or whatever we are here to accommodate you. Flexibility is key! We don’t like waste.

How much is creative?


Can I create my own design?

Yes, we can send you a blank template with directions for your in-house graphic design team.  Or we can create it for you.

What’s the turnaround?

As soon as you approve your design, we will print your boxes and have them to you or shipped to you within 3-5 business days.  

What do you recommend I fill the boxes with?

In short, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED HARD CANDIES. Why? Your box will sit out longer and you'll get more exposure each time someone reaches for a treat. I don't recommend anything that will melt (like Hershy's Kisses) unless you are certain the boxes won't get hot while in your car or hanging on a door knob.

How big is the Treat Box?

About the size of a soda can. The box is 2.5" x 2.5" x 4" for a total volume of 25 cubic inches. The handle adds an extra inch in height. The box will hold roughly 40 - 50 Jolly Rancher sized candies

Why is there a hole at the top?

You can attached a ribbon or rubber band and use them as very noticeable door hangers or attach balloons and use the box as a balloon weight filled with treats.